GNS Science is an expert in synthesis and modification of materials and coatings for a wide range of applications. Our fabrication
approach utilizes energetic ion and electron beams which offers a number of unique technological advantages such as:

1. Increased adhesion between the coating and the material surface
2. Wide applicability to a range of materials (both coatings and substrates) – Functional Coatings
3. Physical process with precise control over material properties

Coatings Technologies - Dr John Kennedy

Hard and Colour Coatings

Direct Deposition System at GNS, typical sample size up to 100 mm in diameter

Typical Coatings are:
• DLC (Diamond-like carbon)
• Carbides and Nitrides
• Oxide coatings
• DLC coatings on Titanium for decorative
coatings and functional surfaces
• DLC coatings on Titanium for jewellery,
for example, rings





Functional Surfaces

Pipe Coater System at GNS, tested for 6
inch pipes

Hard, corrosion resistant coatings for
geothermal, agricultural and other metal pipes

Sputter Deposition System at GNS for biomedical coatings and functional surfaces, coating areas up to 50 mm

Unique Capabilities at GNS Science, Lower Hutt

Particle accelerator for high-end materials
characterization and elemental depth profiling including light elements (hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen)

Ion implanters for surface modification and functionalization including magnetic ions for sensors





Durable and Adjustable to Needs

The GNS technology is applicable to all sorts of materials including plastics, leather, soft surfaces and metals.