Why is Titanium a material of choice for aerospace, defence, marine, medical and advanced engineering sectors?

 The highest strength to weight ratio of any metal

 Very high corrosion resistance

 New near net shape fabrication methods

TiTeNZ Intro and History by Prof Ian Brown, Science Leader of TiTeNZ

What are these new technologies for New Zealand?

• Hot forging and extrusion from titanium alloy powders
• Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) of titanium alloy powders
• Cellular structure design for medical implants and lightweight
of engineering products
• Additive Manufacturing (3D printing)
• Coatings and Surface treatments

What can Titanium and TiTeNZ do for your business?

New fabrication and processing technologies provide a manufacturing advantage:
• Near net shape fabrication
• Low materials wastage
• Reduction of post manufacture machining time and machining cost
• Enable fabrication of complex and simple shaped components
• Scalable from customised manufacture to full commercial production

TiTeNZ Partnership